The Siren Song of the American Oligarchy

When trying to begin a movement I think it’s important to speak in terms everyone can understand and relate to. The United States today is not the Democratic Republic, it is an Oligarchy.

The reason for this is of course money. Why is it money? Former Senator, Tom Daschle, states that a Senator spends two-thirds of the last two years of his term raising money for their next campaign.

Congressmen spend hours every day on their phones and computers asking people for money for their campaigns. The pressure on candidates to raise money has ratcheted up since the Supreme Court’s, Citizens United decision in 2010. That allowed unlimited spending by corporations, unions, and individuals in elections.

Congress with a fifteen percent approval rating and a reelection rate over ninety percent would have the American people believe they need to raise this money to be reelected in order to work for their constituents.

Nonsense! Most Congressmen and Senators are reelected in their home states on “name recognition” alone. In my state of Vermont, Senator, Bernie Sanders, Patrick Leahy, and Congressman Peter Welch, do not need to spend one red cent to be reelected by wide margins.

Congressman and Senator’s continue to campaign only to add money to their already overloaded campaign accounts and on the highly unlikely chance they face a serious challenge. It’s clear by their reelection rate that this is extremely rare.

According to the National Law Journal, the largest lobbying groups for the first half of 2020 include pharmaceutical and health products ($156 million), electronics manufacturing and equipment ($80.5 million), insurance ($80.4 million), oil & gas ($58 million) and business associations ($55 million).

These industries and those who own and run them also own America’s leadership and control of its government. They decide what bills and policies will be introduced and which ones will become law.

These same industries control the supposed “Free Market.” Only it is not a free market. These same industries and those who own and run them make the rules that this supposed free market runs on. The rules they make benefit them and only them. Therefore the idea of a free market is only that, an idea. In reality, the free market is an illusion.

So how do these industries and those who own and run them get away with this Ponzi scheme they are running? It’s in the messaging and their messaging is pure genius. They use the victims of their massive Ponzi scheme to support and spread their message.

Who would do that you ask? The answer of course is you; the hardworking middle-class American citizen. How often I hear the middle-class American citizen repeat the lies of whatever administration is in office, the lies told by all media outlets and industries.

Here I list a few of those lies. The economy is booming. If you work hard you can become rich too. If you’re struggling it’s your fault. If your job doesn’t pay enough get another one. Americans are lazy today and don’t want to work.

For the average working American the wages they have earned and the buying power of those wages have remained stagnate for the past forty years. Fifty percent of the U.S. workforce earned less than $35,000 in 2019, according to the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) annual wage statistics.

When fifty percent of America’s workforce is earning $35,000 or less the economy is not good. In America people tend to assume if I’m doing well then everyone must be doing well. That belief is included in the message disseminated to the masses by the Oligarchs. Those struggling think if I just get an extra job or keep working hard eventually I will get ahead too.

This may have been true in the first couple of decades following World War II but it’s not true of where the American worker is today.

The American Oligarchs play on the twisted idea of nationalism and patriotism that runs deep in America. The myth of Americans as rugged individualists has been around for a long time.

These Oligarchs use this myth to keep Americans divided, liberal versus conservative, left versus right, while they go on fleecing them of their last dollars and of the right to govern themselves while blaming each other.

Thom Hartmann talks about it in his book, “History of American Oligarchy: And How it ends.” In his book, Hartmann talks about the Southern Oligarchy and how it was defeated with the Civil War, The Oligarchy that is sometimes called The Gilded Age and ended with the Great Depression and this newest Oligarchy that began with the Urban Legend of Ronald Reagan and whose outcome has yet to be determined.

Hartmann suggests that Oligarchies turn into police states such as Putin’s Russia has become. In America, if we are to stop this newest attack by an Oligarchy then Americans must realize the message of the Oligarchs, their Siren song, is a message they themselves are spreading.

Spreading it while the Oligarchy is wrapping its tentacles around every institution of our Democracy and threatening to extinguish the light of liberty Americans claim to cherish.