The Human Cost of Playing Politics

President Biden hesitated this week, backing away from a campaign promise to create a police reform commission. The reason he said is that it could hurt the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. President Biden was playing politics.

Americans are told that not all police officers are killers. That statement then begs this question, What are the odds that so many people of color have the misfortune of only being pulled over by those who are?

Representative Jim Jordan this week went off on Dr. Fauci claiming that Fauci was taking away Americans’ First Amendment rights. Jim Jordan was playing politics.

Americans can be sure the pandemic is winding down. It’s clear with the number of mass shooting rapidly going up again. During the middle of the pandemic, they had declined noticeably. Rep, Jordan wonders when the United States will open up and return to normal. Well Jim, look around, it has and part of that normal is mass shootings.

Of course, another reason is that it is Spring, and people thought after the long winter things might start looking up, feelings of frustration and despair might start to go away, and when they didn’t have decided to take matters into their own hands.

If that seems callous I am open to other reasons or ideas. Playing politics is what politicians do. They are afraid, to be honest for fear of losing a vote here or there or lose a campaign contribution. At this moment in American history perhaps it would be best if politicians stopped playing politics and do what is best and what is right for America and the American people.

I am far too jaded to believe that this will happen.