Charles Laramie

I taught high school English, History, and Social Studies for twenty-five years in Vermont Schools. I am a veteran of the United States Navy and the Vermont Air National Guard.

I am the father of two children. One is a college graduate, the other earned a Class A driver’s license. Both of them are in their own way very versed in politics and we have many long discussions on how the current political climate and economy affect their lives and the lives of all Americans.

They are young. My daughter is twenty-four and my son is twenty-one. I am now sixty-three years old and retired. We are all concerned about the future of this country because it is our country. A country that is supposed to be made up of, “We The People.”

Before teaching I worked tearing off and replacing roofs. I understand the effects of hard manual labor on the body and the things that cannot be bought with the wages earned from this.

In the nineteen-eighties with Ronald Reagan as President, America started down a path of rising prices and wage stagnation. America has continued down that path until the present day. I voted for Reagan the first time.

It does not matter what party controls the White House or what party controls Congress. Whoever it is, is only the frontman, the current face of the American Oligarchy.

They have no power. They are the tools used by the American Oligarchy to ensure their power and accumulation of wealth. This wealth ensures more power.

If Americans are to again have control over the direction America is on and the policies that are put in place then the American Oligarchy must be stopped.

The goal of this site is to provide the information to understand the American Oligarchy and then use this information to educate all Americans on its dangers and how to bring about its end.

We welcome your input. If we are to do this then we must all do it together. We must put aside our differences and challenge each other to work for the greater good of our children, our country, and our world. Lets get started.