Defeating It

Part of the blame for the current chaos here in the United States is the antiquated system of transition. In a Parliamentary Democracy in Australia for example, it takes less than a week after the election result is called and it’s rare for it to exceed three days before the new Prime Minister is physically in office and undertaking the responsibilities of the government. This includes choosing and swearing in a new Cabinet.

The parliament goes into caretaker mode the moment an election campaign starts and that cannot be for longer than six weeks. Election spending cannot exceed fifty million dollars and no big decisions can be taken in that period unless the Opposition Leader is consulted.

All executive government, the Prime Minister and Cabinet, have to be elected members of Parliament who have won their own seats individually and its Parliament that has the authority to make laws not the Prime Minister.

Our Founding Fathers chose the discredited French Republic model over a Parliamentary Democracy because they were paranoid about Britain. It was a serious mistake and the result is the deeply flawed system we have here in the United States. Under our current system the President can effectively rule by decree through executive orders. That’s the first thing that should be reformed.

Our current system must be reformed because our democratic institutions cannot withstand the pressure they have been subjected to in the lead up to this past election and certainly not the pressure put on them since November third. If our democratic institutions are to be subjected to this pressure every four years, then as a nation of free people we are finished.

Lincoln once said that we will be the authors of our own destruction. I do not believe that this is what Americans want, neither the left nor the right nor the vast majority of Americans who are in the middle.

The people’s house is disconnected from the people. Money and power control them, decide who they speak to, what is important in the United States, what laws are passed, what rules control the “Free” Market.” These things are all done for the good of the few and to keep those Americans in their seats of power.

Lincoln was right when he said we must be the authors of our own destruction but he did not then realize the power that Congress would weld. Had he the ability to see the future he would have seen that it would be Congress that would be the final authors of America’s destruction.

A greedy, egomaniac, den of vipers, unable to give up their addiction to the power of their positions; grasping onto this like a drunk holds onto his last bottle. They are the Republicans, and the Democrats alike, born of the same beast.

We can as a nation of people attack each other, blame each other for supporting our parties or we can look to our own parties and tell them it’s not the people on the left that are the problem it is you. It’s not the people on the right that’s the problem it’s you and that it’s time to stop the partisan hate and repair the fabric of our nation.

To do that we must first do three things:

  1. Repeal Citizens United: This allows the legalized raising of funds from individuals, corporations, unions, and other groups without any legal limit on donation size. It insures that only those with influence, money, and power determine the policies and direction of the United States.

2. Enact Term Limits on all Branches of Government:

3. Reform our Election Laws: This is only a beginning. I do not have all the solutions.

Elections should be no longer than three months.

Spending should not be in excess of $250,000,000.

The transition to the next administration should be six weeks.